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abstract pet portraits

Triptych Canvas Prints

Art brings beauty to life. Whether you are eager to showcase some of your memories via artwork or wish to install impressive elements in your living room, it is always important to be careful in selection. Gone are the days to install normal canvas prints. These days, people are more attracted to split panel canvas prints also called Triptych Canvas Prints.

The idea is to split a large image into three different wooden frames and create an ultimate conversation piece for your living room. You may find many creative artworks online that can be used to create Triptych canvas prints. However, if you are new to the concept and want to collect more details about it, consider the details below:

abstract pet portraits

Triptych canvas can also be defined as a multi-panel canvas that is the most suitable artwork for a large wall space. Generally, Triptych canvas prints are larger than the standard canvas prints. Homeowners love to invest in these pieces to get an appealing feature piece in their bedroom or living room.

In order to make a triptych, users need to divide the large piece of artwork into three parts and then mount them on three canvas prints instead of using a single canvas. They are to be placed side by side in a particular sequence. The effect is more wonderful as the art piece appears flowing through the entire wall leading to impressive interiors.

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It is important to mention that Triptych art is not a modern invention; rather, it is loved by artists from the past several decades. One of the most famous Triptych artworks can be found in the Tate Gallery in London; this artwork was created by famous artists Francis Bacon in August 1972. However, the trend of Triptych artwork is rising these days, and you can find many such collections in the canvas stores. Some businesses even offer customization options to create more suitable Triptych artworks for the living rooms. You can choose something more suitable to your existing interior décor. These artworks can be used at home and in the office as well.

abstract pet portraits

The ultimate effect of the Triptych canvas depends upon how large your wall is and how you adjust the spacing between three boxes. The professionals suggest keeping them at a distance of two to three inches. If there is too much of a gap, the flow may get dissolved. Hence, it is better to maintain the separation effect very creatively to ensure the best view of the artwork in the room.

Usually, the spacing must be decided depending upon how large your canvas is and the style of the image you have selected. Some image elements can afford to hang a little further on the canvas. However, if the stretch breaks, it is better to bring the frames a little closer.

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If you have a large empty wall in your living room, the triptych print is the best solution for eye-catching home décor. Make sure the print looks balanced, and it makes space breathe with a lively touch.

Experts advise hanging these frames at eye level to create the best impact. It is better known as a museum hanging trick and is one of the widely accepted techniques. Make sure you arrange it in such a manner that the image looks balanced in the room. Most people prefer to hang these multi-panel canvases right above the sofa to ensure immediate vicinity to the guests.

abstract pet portraits

Well, triptych canvases are some of the most impressive pieces of art in the world. There are plenty of reasons to install triptych canvases at home and office; few of them are listed below:

  • abstract pet portraits

The first most reason to install this large artwork at your living room wall is its amazing aesthetic appeal. These canvases capture the viewer’s attention and inspire them to think about the movement. When viewers start looking from one end of the artwork to the next, the artworks speak a creative story.

  • abstract pet portraits

When you choose images with some creative color combinations, it is possible to bring a unique appeal to the room. These interesting illustrations tell a story with the creative transition from one frame to another. The thinner border lines create connectivity with other sections of the artwork.

  • abstract pet portraits

Whether you love traditional home décor or you are interested in creating modern appeal in your living room, these Triptych Canvas Prints can be used to ensure perfect wall coverage. They can be printed with a larger aspect ratio to attract the viewer’s eyes.

You will be happy to hear that Triptych canvas art is very light in weight due to the wooden frame finish. It can be the best choice over traditional frame prints that have glass fronts. It clearly means that you can hang them by using just a tiny screw

Triptych Canvas Prints

abstract pet portraits

The most preferred form of triptych images is the collection from travel days. You can choose the street art from the places you visited recently. The best idea is to go ahead with a landscape shot that you take at the beach or in a beautifully decorated street. Another great option for triptych lovers is pop-art and abstract art.

These shots appear more appealing when they are separated into three closely placed frames. It is better to avoid images with people because cutting anyone off is really a poor thing to do.

When you are interested in revamping your space with some creative décor ideas, triptychs can be the most engaging and effective solution.

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The online website platforms can help you create custom artwork for your home or office.

If you would like any more help or assistance in creating or choosing a Triptych Canvas Print, please email us and we will do our best to help you.


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