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have your dog painted

Who would have thought that the year 2020 would turn out to be nothing less than the nightmare that we have dreaded all our lives? As millennials, we have always been on the go; from running errands every day to multitasking, we could have never imagined a world where everything would suddenly come to a stop and we will be confined inside the house for days. But, never say never! The sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus and the risks accompanying it compelled people from every corner of the planet to stay at home in order to be shielded from the appalling disease. However, this global pandemic has managed to gift us something that we could have never achieved for ourselves and that is time.

While the society might persuade you to capitalize on the time that you have at hand to do something productive, learn new skills that would prove beneficial for your career and the like but, we beg to differ. According to us, this lockdown will be the best opportunity for you to take a break from the regular and indulge in some creativity that you have been putting on hold for quite some while now. Certainly, you will not be able to step out and get a varied range of supplies to curate something amazing. Therefore, we are only left with the recourse of DIY; meaning you will have to cook up a string of innovative ideas at home by yourself and create some aesthetically-pleasing pieces from scratch.

Instead of resorting to something that is super-complicated, you can give canvas prints a try. There are essentially three reasons that support this assertion of ours:

  1. It is something that you and your family can do together. Kids, especially love everything that involves playing with colors and will be more than elated to help you with your project. Also, once you get the canvas printed by a trustworthy company, you will have a priceless wedge of memoir to cherish for life!
  2. The canvases can be used as a stunning buoys of contemporary style for interior designing.
  3. It will enhance the appearance of your home and eventually, increase the latter’s value.

To assist you with your endeavors a bit, here are a few have your dog painted that you can work on.

  • have your dog painted
holiday photo on canvas

Who doesn’t like revisiting the moments that we have left behind in our journey of life? A trip down the memory lane is enough to remind us that even though we have come a long way, some realities (which also happen to be the most celebrated ones) will always be an essential part of our individual narratives. We are sure, that if you are asked to name that one thing that you are missing the most in this lockdown then, it would inevitably be going on a holiday. Honestly, we are all on the same page. Rather than waiting for things to normalize and get hold of an airplane ticket to travel safely like the pre-corona days again, make the most out of the reminiscences from past holidays. Browse through an old album or the pictures that you have on your mobile phone or computer and choose the best ones to get printed on canvas. Ask your family to pitch in their favorites too so that when you reach the end of the shortlisting process you know you are not missing out on the important ones.

When it comes to getting these pictures printed on the canvas, there too, you will have a versatile pallet of distinct and vivacious approaches to choose from. For instance, the print can be in the form of a collage that accommodates different photos from different trips, or distinct photos from a single trip. Similarly, if you are someone who is obsessed with sunrise or sunsets (or even the night sky for that matter) and love capturing their frames, you can pick out the most attractive pictures of the same and create a timeline with each of them printed on different canvases to capture the wonder that our earth is!

All of us perceive the term “holiday” in our own ways; for one group, it is a temporary escape from the reality, for another, it is a chance of reuniting with nature in its rawest form and for the rest, it is a treasured span with their beloved family and friends. Thus, bear in mind that when you decide on the snapshots that are worthy of being printed on the canvas, go for the ones that project this acuity of yours most efficaciously. Trust us when we say this, once the final frame goes up on the wall, the warmth and satisfaction radiated from it will be unmatched.

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Nurses as superheroes canvas print

In such times of crisis when all of us have been advised by the leading health officials of the world to stay at home and look after our families, the healthcare workers are an exception. DC and Marvel always glorified fictitious characters like superheroes and we have loved them for their larger-than-life portrayal. But, now that we are suffering from a real crisis, we can only watch those characters come to life in the restricted dimensions of our television screens and admire their valiant deeds directed to save humanity from the recurring evils.

In the present day, medical workers such as doctors and nurses have stepped up as the bonafide rescuers. Apart from dedicating all their time to cure and protect people from this deadly virus, they have volunteered to fight the disease from the front, and there are no two ways about it. Just like us, they too are humans; they have a family to worry about and most importantly, their own lives to save from the harm. Nevertheless, none of these factors came in their way of choosing duty and commitment to look after people over everything else in the world. We must not forget that we are fighting this battle against an invisible enemy which makes it even more dangerous and petrifying.

The nurses, without paying much heed to these daunting truths are assisting the doctors and patients 24*7. Considering the innumerable victims that they treat and look after every day, they are more vulnerable to the consequences of the disease than the normal man. But, nothing has stopped them from fulfilling their responsibilities and ensuing hope that we will successfully dodge this pandemic at the end and come out stronger than ever before. Truly, not all superheroes wear capes.

Given that there isn’t much we can do to help them actively except for lock ourselves indoors and curb the virus from spreading at a scary rate, here’s a proposal to acknowledge their contribution. You can get pictures of the nurses printed on the canvas or, to make things a bit more artistic, relate this information to your child, and let them paint their versions of these superheroes saving the world. Another way of bringing nurses as superheroes canvas print to life is by using their caricatures where they can be seen making their ways through multiple facets of existence and acing each one of them.

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Spiritual quotes on canvas

Spiritual quotes printed on canvases are one of the best things that you can add in your home to brighten up the décor and at the same time, keep the positive vibes alive amid such unforeseen mayhem. Taking into account the hectic schedules that most of us are subjected to, it really becomes difficult to keep our spirits high throughout the day. Feeling directionless, confused, low, and dejected is but, obvious.

No matter how difficult it gets, we will have to pick up from where we left, remind ourselves that this “too shall pass” and get back to the hustle and all we need is a little push. A single glance at these quotes will remind you of the purpose that you are toiling so hard for and remove all those glitches from your mind that are holding you back from becoming the most efficient self. You don’t always have to hear the words of encouragement from somebody else’s mouth. In times when your mind is resisting and making you believe that certain things are impossible to attain and your hard work will inevitably go down the drain, you will have to pause and read those inspiring sentences again and again until it instills the lost confidence in your heart.

The best part about having a spiritual quote printed on a canvas is that it eliminates the need of having a mediator who will communicate those same set of words to you. Also, the power of reading something on your own and letting your conscience process it without any external intervention whatsoever is unprecedented. Every time you pass the wall on which the spiritual quote printed on a canvas hangs, you will be automatically admonished to give up your fears and inhibitions and do what is expected of you.

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Pets on canvas prints

People, who own pets, will concur that these companions are an integral part of their family. This infers that once you own a pet, it is almost not viable to imagine your life without them. Just like the little ones of the house who cheer up everybody around them, the shenanigans of your pets are too adorable to miss out on and not admire. Truth be told, animals can actually change you as a person and become a pivotal point of your life just within a few days of owning them. Don’t you agree that after a tough day work, when you come back to your pet and are welcomed by a wagging tail and warm cuddles, everything seems perfect and A-Okay?

The moment you decide to nurture a pet, there’s no turning back; they will dominate your thoughts in such a way that your world will seem to revolve around them and only them. Besides, as per the claims of science, people live in the company of their pets are known to lead a happier and fulfilling life when compared to those who don’t. Those innocent and selfless balls of happiness are so full of pure love and affection that their mere presence is bound to make you forget all your woes and wrap a cozy blanket of unadulterated fondness that ensues comfort.

Hence, if you really want to feel that your pet is with you all the time, why not get a canvas print of their best images? Canvas images are not only supremely stunning but, very life-like. A portrait of your pet in the study or living room will drench the place with a pinch of sheer grandeur and make your visitors curious about the little munchkin and its whereabouts. The advantage of having the snaps of your pet printed on a canvas is that unlike conventional paintings or wall hangings, in this, you can actually have a high-resolution frame that will accentuate the features of your pawed-friend in the best way possible. The verity that high-quality pictures speak for themselves and resonate with the most glorious characteristics of the subject cannot go unmentioned. Communicate your requirements to the canvas printing company and if you so demand, they will aid you with an appropriate filter or background to amplify the story and essence of the photograph further.

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Handprints printed on canvas

You must have seen a lot of celebrities and influencers on online platforms flaunting pictures of canvases that have the handprints of all the members in their family. Well, owning something like that is not impossible and you can have one too. Of course, you can only have the children of your house do it but, we would recommend you get two of them; one, that entirely has the prints of the children and the other of the entire family. Choose each of your favorite colors and start laying the impressions on a white piece of cloth or paper for better effects.

If you want the canvas to solely capture the hand impressions of your child then as a replacement of completing the task in one day itself, spread it out over a period of time. What we are trying to put forward here is the idea of chronicling the little one’s growth, even if it is for two or three months. There’s a special thing about children- whenever we look at them we wish to seize time and let them be the fun-size beings that they are. But, on the other hand, we cannot wait for them to develop into dignified adults and take the world by a storm through their solitary goals and perseverance. Thereby, when you have the golden chance of preserving an episode of this advancement, why would you want to miss it?

Assuming that you will be putting up the canvas on your wall, the backdrop of the hand impressions can be something that complements its hues. For example, if the color of the wall is white or any such lighter shade, the canvas printing can be done either on a dark or textured scrim. In a similar manner, if you are looking forward to putting up the canvas on a dark wall, a light-colored gesso will be the game-changer.

Bonus: If you want a more disciplined version of the dints on the canvas, you can first draw a tree and then place the marks of your hand as its leaves. Moreover, the left or right corner of the representation can have a little box of references that point out which color belongs to whom. Quotes like, “when the world stayed apart, this was our favorite place to be”, or “a family that paints together, stays together” can also be incorporated within it.

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Loved ones as a photo montage

The subtlety with which photo montage fabricates a brand-new character for the most generic pictures has rightly encouraged people to regard it as an imperative marker of contemporary and abstract art. Unlike traditional art forms that focused on augmenting only the prime components of a photograph, photo montage brought into play the contribution from their surroundings and other pictures to improve the appeal of the pre-existing illustration.

You might be wondering if the concept of joining multiple photos together has existed since time immemorial how is photo montage different from it. Well, photomontages are not supposed to represent a single insight in a single instant. When the pictures will be combined on the canvas, they shouldn’t look like a continuation but, the setting should exactly be the same, or at the most, similar to one another. If you are a novice as far as photo montage is concerned, then we would recommend you to create one of a standard size.

Photo montaging can be a lot of fun. You can couple the pictures of your loved ones with some quirky templates and see how they turn out to be. If there’s someone in your family who has always been very strict with you but, is the most loving human being on earth, you can merge his headshot with some historical figure who was known for his sternness and caliber. Basically, we are trying to hint at parody but, how you want the representation to be is entirely your call.

Likewise, if someone has always inspired you with their work and out-of-the-box thinking, their photo montage can include intellectual elements that reverberate with their exceptional abilities and competency to emerge as the best in the business.

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A doodle from your childhood notebook

You can turn your home into a mini-museum by digging out stuff from your childhood and getting them printed on canvas. Pull out everything that you still gave access to from the bygone days including cute letters to or from a friend, drawings, and doodles that were close to your heart. There are many people who are of the opinion that the passions we feel as children echo our innate nature and our likes and preferences that aren’t tinged with the judgments of society. These unsullied sentiments got reflected in our artwork and writings and this is fairly the reason why they deserve to be brought back to life and esteemed till eternity.

The person that you are today or want to be in the future is inexorably motivated by your past and there cannot be any dichotomy about it. Accept it or not, complexity doesn’t have to necessarily be the answer always. Sometimes when life keeps pelting challenges on your way, gazing on the simpler days and the mindset that you have had then can help you delineate a solution. And these token of remembrances from your early life will pose as the pathways to the escape that you were longing for.

  • have your dog painted
A handwritten recipe in your kitchen on canvas

If there’s a recipe that you use often or is loved by all the members of your family alike, then you can get it printed on a canvas for your kitchen. Kitchens are the most underrated part of the house but, the catch is, if you can somehow cope to get your hands on the right things to adorn it with, space will inescapably turn out to be the game-changer.

Having a recipe on display (preferably a handwritten one on an antique piece of paper) is not only practical but, also is a suitable way of remembering the dish that you will fall back on your happy days, sad days, and tumultuous mad days. If this recipe has been passed down to you by someone else who is no longer with you, then you can have its canvas print as an homage to him/her for preparing the most delicious meals.

Now that we have triggered your creative worms with these ideas, it is your turn to add a dash of imagination in them and fashion some incredibly enthralling pieces of art!

© CanvasDesign
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