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custom canvas art

Family Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are getting extremely popular among the masses these days and Family canvas prints are proving to be more popular than any other type. They not only artistically display your pictures but also help in the beautification of your living space. Canvas prints are even customisable. You can customize them as per your requirements that best fits the size and colour of your room. Some people even prefer an animated version of their picture printed on to canvas and maybe get a caricature done of their favourite shot.

custom canvas art

Canvas prints are a perfect example of home decoration. They make your photos resemble a painting. The primary purpose of adding embellishments in any space is to give it a lively vibe. Be it your living room, bedroom, even the kitchen area, by putting up a canvas print; you can increase the character of that area. People include showcase items to their homes so that it looks appealing to the eye. Every item at your house serves to be soothing and calming through its sound, touch, or visual appeal. Some people have antique souvenirs kept as decorative items, and some use modern and minimalistic art pieces. Both styles of items serve their purpose. Specific house spaces require an individual feel to them. For instance, your living room must be lively and bright, whereas your bedroom needs to have a more comfortable atmosphere. Every room must provide a separate experience; this way, that room becomes more memorable. By adding canvas prints in your room, you will have something that stands out.

family canvas display

You can also present canvas prints as a gift for your family. Be it any occasion; it acts as a pictorial representation of your thoughts towards that person. It can be a present for a birthday or anniversary where you can use an image of you and your friend or your better half. Even in the case of a housewarming party, you can gift a canvas artwork as it will act as an ideal present where the person on the receiving end can use it as their first wall decoration.

custom canvas art

epson 9800 canvas printers

Traditionally, the canvas is made of hemp as it makes it more reliable and more durable. Nowadays, materials like cotton and synthetic materials like polyester have replaced hemp. The content of the canvas print determines how the final image will come out. As cotton absorbs the colour, the pictures on a cotton-based canvas last long. Whereas, in the case of polyester, the ink remains on the surface and does not get absorbed—this way, synthetic canvas imprint provides more vivid and bright prints. The latter is also more affordable. Therefore, you can choose what type of canvas composition is more suitable for you. One can be flexible with the choices. Adding canvas prints to your household will provide a unique look to it. These prints get adjusted easily with other decorations at your house. They are easy to handle, lightweight, and pocket friendly. 

You can make a photograph with your family members and put it up at your house; this will provide a personalised touch to your space and will be memorable. Many people make family prints of their beloved pets. Making such a composition is a great way to show your affection towards your pet as these prints last longer. They will always remind you of a significant moment from the past or a person.

custom canvas art

custom canvas art Many people have other options in mind before getting a print made. One such option is a framed photograph. This option is popular because it is custom made, but the picture inside is removable. You can also replace the image with another one. Here, you can also customize the photo frames. The frames are available in several colours or designs. You can also customize one according to the colour on the walls of your room. Else, you can match the frame with the interiors of your house. The disadvantage here is that these frames can be challenging to handle as they can get quite heavy. They are expensive in comparison with typical canvas prints. 

custom canvas art Another popular option that a lot of artists use is Acrylic print. This style of engraving differs from canvas print in terms of texture and material. The artist first makes the copy on a photo paper. Then, this print gets transferred on a sheet or pixel glass. The print type is more massive than the canvas print style, and the latter also has a more elegant look.

custom canvas artAs the name suggests, you can do this style of printing on a metal base. Usually, aluminium is the metal that the artists use. The difference here is not only in the base material used but also in the finish and the texture of the final product. Metal being durable, this type of print does not break easily and provides a smooth surface to the picture. Also, metal prints will cost you more as compared to canvas. 

custom canvas artHere, the artist uses cardstock to print instead of cotton or polyester.The final image may have a glossy or a matte look. This style is differing in size and is usually cheaper as compared to canvas prints.

custom canvas art

Now, you must be aware of multiple options while choosing a perfect canvas print for your house. The choice of customization is endless, as there are different shapes and sizes available. The following are a few choices that you can make while choosing your canvas print. 

custom canvas art A solitary canvas print on a wall can be suitable if the canvas is large. The unique painting will also look good on a small-sized wall providing its character.

custom canvas art If you have a big wall and are willing to add more than one print to it, then a multi-panel layout will be suitable for you. You can add 2-5 canvas prints on your wall to make it look more appealing.

custom canvas art

Like other options, canvas prints are also available in many shapes and sizes.

  • There is a square shaped artwork available where every side of the canvas is of the same length. This type of abstract design is perfect for creating grids for your wall. You can use more than one canvas and create a layout that looks different.
  • A rectangular sketch is also an option. Here, one pair of sides is longer or shorter than the other. This style is suitable if you want to cover more space on the wall with a single portrait.
  • Nowadays, even hexagon-shaped prints are available, which provide a unique look to your apartment. These canvas prints are six-sided, and their honeycomb-like shape is suitable for the living area. 

Now, let us talk about the different sizes available for your family canvas prints. Sizes range from mini-small-medium to large-sized canvas prints.

easel canvas prints
  • Mini-sized canvas prints are suitable for filling gaps between two canvases. You can also place them on a table as they are compact. The average size for mini canvas prints varies between 6×6 inches to 6×8 inches.
  • If you want to create a multi-panel layout, then small to medium-sized panels are suitable. These look beautiful on a large wall where you can add multiple prints of your choice. The size options are – 8×10 inches, 10×10, 14×16, etc. You can add pictures like a family portrait, a holiday picture, a landscape picture, etc.
  • Then there are large-sized prints. These huge prints are suitable for a high-resolution image or an incredibly special photograph, such as a picture of your new-born child. The size options to choose from are as follows – 20×20 inches, 25×25, 30×40, 32×38, etc. A canvas this huge can also be added to your office wall. The size is suitable to grab attention and to leave the spectator in awe.
Large canvas prints

custom canvas art

As you have the full authority to design and customise the canvas print as per your preference and liking, let us read about a few options that you can print on them.

  • You can go for family canvas prints that depicts the solidarity of your kin.
  • People also choose modern designs and abstract art. These often comprise of shapes, forms, and colours that stand out, among others. You can put them in your dining area or the living room.
  • A replica of a famous painting can also be praiseworthy. A family member of mine has a large-sized canvas print of The Persistence of Memory (renowned painting by Salvador Dali).
  • You can also put up a canvas print of your favourite sportsperson or music artist.
  • People who love animals also prefer making a canvas print of their beloved pet. Doing this will engrave the memory of your friend that will last forever. 
  • While choosing a print for your office or workspace, you can use an inspirational quote. Doing this will keep the staff’s moral up.
  •  A picture of a beautiful landscape or a monument is also suitable for the office. Such images look fabulous on a large-sized print.
  • A few people also print maps on the canvas for a hip and a different vibe at their place.

custom canvas art

Now, we will go through some frequently asked questions about canvas prints:

custom canvas artcustom canvas art

custom canvas art As you increase the size of the canvas imprint, the cost also increases. A small sized canvas impression will cost you somewhere around 36, whereas a giant print can go up to £150. The same also depends on the quality of ink that you use. Whether you use a frame or not, that will also change your canvas composition cost.

custom canvas artcustom canvas art

custom canvas art People often ask whether the ink will fade with time or not. The ink used on other surfaces usually fades over time. Canvas prints, on the other hand, are reliable in this case if the material of the canvas is cotton. Anyhow, there are a lot of ink options available in the market. While ordering a print, make sure that the ink the company is using has Ultraviolet resistant features. Also, make sure that your canvas imprint is not coming in contact with direct sunlight. You can also use a protective glass shield to make it last longer.

custom canvas art

custom canvas artThere are several ways of doing this. You can simply drill a hole in the wall and hang your canvas edition with the help of a nail. You can also dangle it on a buckle, which is much more convenient as you have the freedom to take it down or place it somewhere else. People also recommend using double-sided tapes for a small canvas prints, which makes them easy to attach. We always supply a canvas hanger with every canvas print.

One can order Family Canvas prints online or place your order at a local store. Make up your mind, take correct measurements, and chose a high-resolution image to prepare the right canvas impression suitable for your living space. You will see that the people around you will be amazed by these prints and will want one at their place as well. More than just a decoration, canvas prints are a fantastic way of preserving your memories.

Family Canvas Prints
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Family Canvas Prints
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