canvas painting 3 set

canvas painting 3 set

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canvas painting 3 set

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gold canvas prints

Canvas Design have now developed a new Gold canvas that offers true metallic characteristics. This cannot be found anywhere else on any other shopping site as we have pioneered this printing technique ourselves.

The process involves us taking your photo or artwork and printing on to a true gold canvas. The results we have acheived so far as well as the feedback we have received is amazing.

Black and White wedding photography as well as stencilled artworks come out exceptionally well on this gold canvas and will make your photo look extremely special.

SquareLandscapePortraitAbout Our Prices
6" x 6" £26.99 10" x 08" £31.99 8" x 10" £31.99

The prices on our site all include VAT and any taxes

There is a one time delivery Fee of £2.99. FREE Delivery is applied if you spend over £50

Ordering custom size canvas frames is easy. Our upload facility will help you choose bespoke size canvas frames once your photo is uploaded.

8" x 8" £30.99 12" x 10" £34.99 10" x 12" £34.99
10" x 10" £33.99 16" x 12" £37.99 12" x 16" £37.99
12" x 12" £35.99 20" x 16" £40.99 16" x 20" £40.99
20" x 20" £43.99 30" x 20" £47.99 20" x 30" £47.99
30" x 30" £55.99 40" x 30" £62.99 30" x 40" £62.99
40" x 40" £73.99

Place your order before 12 Noon for next day delivery (Mon - Thu)

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canvas painting 3 set

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Good quality for the price.
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re-ordered these boxers as I'd liked the first batch I bought years ago. I still like the overall quality and style, but if you're going to make tagless boxers, you shouldn't replace a tag with a big, nubby ridge at the seam in the back, which is just as irritating if not moreso, digging into the small of the back....UGH, the first batch did not have this and will not order again now.
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