turn picture of dog into painting

A photo montage is a great way of showing off a collection of photos and they also make a truly unique gift for that person that seems to have everthing. Examples of what you could produce using our photo collage service include:

  1. A display of photos of a loved one at different stages of their life to be presented as a milestone birthday gift.
  2. A collection of photos of a couple about to be married be given as a wedding present.
  3. A collage of photos of your children to be given as a gift to their grandparents.
  4. A display of photos of a favourite family pet.
  5. A record of a special trip e.g. a Hen party
A simple layout but our most popular photo montage available. Works best with four photographs as shown in the example.
This is ideal for when you want to focus on one photograph in the middle of the canvas
You can add any two lines of text to this layout. It is perfect if you are producing a milestone birthday gift like an 18th or 21st.
You might want to choose this shape if you are producing a collage of photos for a wedding gift or even a Valentines Day gift
A very striking format if you want to keep the photos separated. Always looks best when printed on a black background.
Get a collage created of your Ironman Triathlon day. Totally unique and customised.

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turn picture of dog into painting

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Super comfy and holds up really well.
They're great. I've been using these a lot. However i'm not giving the 5 stars, only because I believe the fit is wrong. I would call it "Relax Fit".
I had the tortoise pair made up with my prescription and wear them as my daily eyeglasses. They feel light and pretty comfortable. They fit well and Not too tight, so no compression headaches!! Not sure how they will hold up. The material is pretty cheap but they look really nice. I'm saving the clear pair as a back up frame in case I want or need a fresh pair. They came with a cloth pouch and small tool to tighten the earpieces. I usually buy very high end frames but thought I would try these out and save some money! They do look like a lot of the really expensive ones but cost very little! Time will tell!
the chain and pendant are much smaller than I expected would have liked it to be a little larger. but good material and very cute.
Love the purse but it's a bit too big would purchase again
The shirt is too big around the neck, definitely larger than other XL Gildan shirts I've purchased. Disappointed. one star
I ordered a pair for my daughter and myself. They're cute, stylish and the delivery was quick. Thank you!
I do apologize that it's taken me this long to write a review. I am happy with the product, it fits perfectly fine. I wear them for work as part of my uniform everyday. Will definitely buy again.
We have been buying Hanes boxer briefs for a long time, and this last set in Black & Grey are not what we were expecting. The material is not soft even after multiple washings, and the waistband has not been sewn correctly onto the briefs. We will have to find another brand of boxer briefs
It's a beautiful necklace
For the price these seem like very good sunglasses. I just got them today, so I'm not sure how they will hold up over time, but they seem fairly sturdy for the price. They came with a case and even a mini set of screwdrivers in key chain form if needed to make adjustments in the future. Nice touches. I wouldn't equate them with more expensive sunglasses but for the price they seem like a good buy.
Its good it just tarnished very easily.
good for the price. good packaging for storing extras
Perfect. Sleek. Low profile.
My husband loves this..Great shirt for the hot Florida months to protect him while walking the beach!!
Much nicer than I anticipated! Pretty deep red leather which looks very similar to a Franklin Covey purse for which I paid much more. Lining is cheap but who cares? The purse is beautiful!
Very nice every day handkerchief with a raised stitch pattern near the edges of the fabric.
Tighter than expected, material is a little rough too which matters as its covering a rather sensitive area.
Comfortable, durable, breathable, fits as expected. I'd buy these again.
I have been happy with these night driving glasses. They improve visibility and have helped me. Over all very good glasses. Look good
These are comfortable and breathable. M I've seen another review saying they are too warm but thatm had not been my experience.
Cute set
Good quality and awesome price
Great cap. I sewed a patch to it, and wear it regularly. Fits well and launders well.
Super stylish, perfect size(i have bought the smaller one) , looks classy, and has lot of space.
Love it!
Short & long
It is very nice, but I read reviews and they said how much it holds it is very small.
Earring are nice, however my daughter is missing one 3 days later. The screw back does not screw in far enough to secure the earrings. Very disappointing